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Donner EDS-220 14-inch mini 5 drum, enlightenment/primary drum kit with throne, cymbals, pedals and drumsticks

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Donner EDS-220 mini drum kit 5 drum kits, shell, stand, bench, cymbals, suitable for children. The drum shell is made of horizontal-grained poplar wood, with high strength, uniform vibration and loud sound.

The EDS-220 kick drum adopts a 6-ear structure, which has greater skin tension and better skin vibration than similar products. The bass drum is made of high-quality silver rims with coated brackets. The bench adopts a double-plate structure with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 198 lbs (90 kg).

The shell of the Donner 5 drum kit uses different thicknesses of percussion and resonance surfaces to provide excellent sound. Due to transportation reasons, it is normal for the received drum shell to have wrinkles and will disappear after installation.

This set also contains a pair of adult drum sticks and children drum sticks, which is convenient for parents or teachers to accompany their children to play. (Don't use the tip of the stick to insert the drum head), you can adjust the elasticity of the snare drum and change the color of the snare drum.

What's in the kit-14” x 10” bass drum x 1,6”x 4” fixed tom x 1,8”x 4” fixed tom x 1,8”x 4” fixed snare drum (with stand) x 1,12”x8” floor tom x 1, 8” hi-hat (with stand) x 1, 10” straight cymbal (with stand) x 1, 5A wooden drum x 2, children wooden drum x 2, bass pedal x1, circular cushion adjustable drum seat x 1, easy-to-read setup instructions (requires assembly) x 1, shelf life is 12 months

Product Description

Donner will never let you down.

Donner EDS-220 series 14-inch drums are designed for beginners and drummers. Our drums have everything you need to play the shelf. 1: Our 19mm diameter foot cymbal stand and cymbal stand are very sturdy! 2: Configure 8-inch hi-hat and 10-inch straight cymbals, which are larger than the same type of cymbals. 3: The throne bracket is a double-leg plate structure with a maximum load capacity of 198lb (90kg), which is very strong. 4: The kick side of the kick drum. 0.188mm transparent skin, resonance surface: 0.175mm drum skin. Snare drum surface: 0.188mm white matte leather, resonance surface: 0.075mm transparent leather. Tom-Tom: 0.188mm transparent skin, resonance surface: 0.125mm transparent skin. Base drum surface: 0.188mm transparent skin, resonance surface: 0.175mm.


Size: 14 inch 5 drum kit

Suitable: over 3 years old

Color: metallic blue

Drum material: poplar

Drum type: EDS-220

Bass drum: 14" x 10"

Install Tom: 6" x 4"

Installed Tom: 8" x 4"

Installed snare drum: 8" x 4"

Floor drum: 12" x 8"

Cymbal with cymbal stand: 10"

Hi-hat with stand: 8"

Bass drum pedal: iron

Adjustable drum seat with round pad: weight limit 90kg

5A wooden drum x 2

Packing size: 20" x 16.1" x 13"/51cm x 41cm x 33cm

Weight: 36.6 lbs/16.6 kg


Package Included:

14" x 10" bass drum x 1

Install Tom: 6" x 4" x 1

Install Tom: 8" x 4" x 1

Floor Tom: 12" x 8"

Pipe suspension x 1

8" x 4" installed snare drum x 1

Snare drum stand x 1

8" Hi-Hat x 1

10" straight cymbal x 1

Straight cymbal stand x 1

Iron Bass drum pedal x 1

Round cushion adjustable drum base x 1

7A wooden drum x 1

Children's wooden drum x 1

Easy-to-read setup instructions (assembly required) x 1



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