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Eastar EVC-1 4/4 Acoustic Cello Matt Natural Varnish for Beginners with Cello Stand, Case, Bow, Bridge, Rosin, Extra Set of Strings

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Eastar EVC-1 Full Size 4/4 Cello

Student Cello/Learning Point/With a Stand

  • Eastar's EVC matte maple wood cello was originally designed to meet the basic requirements of beginners for cello, accurate pitch, medium tone, low process, and the ability to achieve maximum benefits with less money.
  • Outstanding points:

1: The fingerboard point of the EVA-2 violin that we introduced for this beginner cello has a strong guiding ability for cello learning.

2: The EVC cello comes with a stand and the gap between the exercises can be placed on it.

Eastar Would Never Disappoint You

Eastar is an excellent musical instrument design and manufacturing brand dedicated to primary and intermediate musicians. When you buy from Eastar, you are going to buy from a company that values every customer. Eastar insists on making good products and is supported by one year's parts and labor maintenance.

    Finger Guide

    There are many advantages of fingerboard points.

    First, many beginners will choose to use fingerboard stickers. Transparent fingerboard stickers have detailed instructions. It is undeniable that these instructions are very helpful for the study of cello. However, many customers react to the fact that when the stage is played, there is often a reflection of the light and it is not clear that the bit or the fingerboard sticker will be torn off, which will damage the body. Our products will not have such problems.

    Second, musical instrument learning is a long-term muscle memory. Strict adherence to the position of the position can make the playing skills more exquisite.

    Practice Bow

    Unbleached Mongolian horsehair, natural, tough. The violin bow is a consumable item, please pay attention to two points.

    1: The bow is a relatively fragile accessory. If it is used improperly, the bow of the bow will break or partially fall off. The bow lacking part of the bow can be used continuously.

    2: The new bow is not able to sound, you need to rub the rosin powder to have a sound.

    Adjustment Knob

    The function of the fine adjustment knob is to help the violinist to make parts for tuning. Brass fine-tuning is more upscale and will not rust.

    First, loosen the fine adjustment knob, and then adjust the violin neck knob to about 10 cents lower than the standard tone. Press the top knob to fix the pitch, then gently Tighten the fine adjustment knob until the pitch is exactly positioned.

    It is recommended to adjust AD first and then adjust GE.

    Set a Bridge

    The bridge should be left high and low right, and the bridge should coincide with the midpoint of the f hole of the cello. When you follow the bridge, you must loosen the violin string. After placing the bridge in place, the string is inserted into the limit of the bridge, and the tuning can be used normally.

    End Point

    Tail adjustment system, the longest property is 13inch/33cm, nickel-plated brass, good quality, high strength, no rust, convenient for players of different heights to adjust the cello to the ideal performance height. During the indoor symphony orchestra playing and outdoor jazz performance, the performer can also choose to stand or sit in accordance with his own habits.

    EAC-RO1 3 Pack Rosin

    This cello set is equipped with the Eastar EAC-RO1 3 Pack Rosin Set. When using rosin, please use a sharp blunt to scratch the surface of the rosin. After some traces, use the bow and bow to rub the rosin. Make sure the rosin is evenly applied to the bow.


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