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Eastar Glockenspiel for kids for Toddlers Musical Instrument Percussion Instrument, 25 Notes, Multicolored

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Eastar Would Never Disappoint You.

Glockenspiel is a very common musical instrument in the band. Its performance is simple and its sound is pleasant. Our 25-tone Glockenspiel is positioned as an entry-level musical instrument, specially designed for young  children or street artists. 1: The portability of the product is better. It comes with its own box and can be stored or transported. 2: The 25-tone Glockenspiel has been professionally tuned before leaving the factory. Although it cannot reach the professional standard, the basic intonation and pitch can be guaranteed, which is enough to be used as an entry-level musical instrument. 3: Although it is an entry-level musical instrument, the sound of this product is excellent, and enough to the performance grade Glockenspiel comparable to 32 tones One.
Chose Eastar, you will have 12- month of Limited Product Service Support,Please contact us if you have any problem ,we will rely to you as soon as possible.

Size:25 note
Color:Blue Cover Colorful Sound Note
Sound Piece Material:100% Aluminium
Package Weight: 1.2kg/3.1lb
Package Size:1.8(L) x 9.7(W)x 16.9(H)Inches /4.5(L) x24.6(W)x 43(H)CM

Package included:
Eastar Colorful Glockenspiel 25 note x 1
Glockenspiel Stick x 2


  • Beautiful voice: Eastar's 25-tone Glockenspiel has a very good timbre. Each sound piece can emit an independent pitch. The sound of sound pieces made of steel is not dull and the vibration is good. Colorful sound films can attract children's attention and are very suitable as gifts for music learning.
  • Portable box: The 25-tone Glockenspiel is fixed in a portable plastic box with screws, which is convenient for musicians to directly cover the cover for storage or transportation after practice. Please note that the Glockenspiel is not resistant to falling, falling or shaking violently may cause the sound piece to fall off or the shell to crack.
  • Tuning before leaving the factory: Before leaving the factory, we will let experienced teachers tune the 25-tone piano. Although we cannot guarantee that a sound score is not bad, we can control its error within 10 sound scores. Ensure that the overall tone of Glockenspiel is smooth without obvious errors.
  • Improving kids coordination: melodious glockenspiel sound can cultivate children's music literacy, and playing with both hands can improve the coordination between eyes and hands. This can already be called a good music education tool.
  • Included Content: Eastar Colorful Glockenspiel 25 note x 1 ,Glockenspiel Stick x 2, 12-Month Product Service.


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